The nature reserves in the county

There are 119 nature reserves in Kronoberg County which cover many different natural habitats. Here, many lovely little spots are just waiting to be discovered and explored, all year round!

In the reserves Bjurkärr and Agnäs in Åsnen there are beautiful broadleaf forests that, in spring when the beech leaves bud, bathe in an enchanting ethereal green accompanied by birds’ song, welcoming the warmer season. The reserve is also worth a visit in the cooler parts of the year, as there are large amounts of rare lichens and fungi to discover for those interested. As a contrast to the broadleaves, we have the reserve Skårtaryd, with a magical primeval forest. The reserve is surrounded by a deep green and the ground is covered in lichen and moss-covered stone blocks. There are lichens hanging from the trees, which puts a distinctive touch on the woods – almost like it was plucked from a painting by John Bauer. Or why don’t you visit Osaby in May, to see the beautiful fritillary snake’s head and take a walk in the varied environment that offers everything from oak pastures and meadows, to capercaillie forests and marshes.

Kronoberg County offers many possibilities to exciting nature experiences and has something for everyone; botanists, bird watchers, fungi enthusiasts or those interested in insects! With over 100 reserves spread out across the municipalities there are alternatives for both longer as well as shorter excursions.

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