In the north-eastern part of Lake Åsnen, just next to Huseby Bruk, lies the nature reserve Husebymaden. With its 130 hectares it constitutes an important environment for animals and plants that live in wetlands. It is also a natural purifier which accounts for a significant reduction of nitrogen in the water, and eventually, reduced eutrophication of the surrounding environment. In the late 1800’s, the wetland was drained from water to allow increased cultivation of the land. It was, however, not a long-term solution and about 60 years later the cultivation of the land ceased. Shortly thereafter, they began restoring the wetlands in order to benefit the rich birdlife in the area, and today a great variety of bird species breed in Husebymaden, such as garganeys, goldeneyes, wigeons, mute swans, lapwings, redshanks and common snipes. The hefty silhouette of the white-tailed eagle can often be seen sweeping across Husebymaden, and the hen harrier is also a frequent visitor.

In the northern part of the reserve lies Huseby Eklund, an area of approx. 2 hectares that is part of the pastures in the area. There are large, old oaks as well as dead wood, which are important living environments for many lichens, mosses, fungi and insects. In the grove, you can hear the woodpeckers pick at the wood with their beaks, and if you are lucky, you might spot a nutcracker in the hazel bushes. From here you can also get a beautiful view of the wetlands.

In the southern part of the reserve lies a car park with an information sign and a rest area where you can grill. Via a larger dirt road and a forest path, you then reach a great bird observation tower with information signs, good observation possibilities and a good view of the wetland.

To find Husebymaden from Huseby Bruk, drive south towards Grimslöv. After approx. 2 km there is a sign leading to the nature reserve and car park.