The new national park, Åsnen, is a rising star amongst Sweden’s national parks. It is located in the municipalities Alvesta and Tingsryd, bordering to Växjö municipality. The area represents the southern Swedish plain landscape and offers a beautiful forest and lake landscape, with a rich flora, fauna and wildlife in both water and land. Lake Åsnen is the second largest lake in southern Småland with an average depth of 3 metres and a maximum depth of 14 metres.


The national park includes the nature reserves Bjurkärr, Toftåsa myr and West Åsnen’s archipelago, and is adjacent to the reserves Agnäs and Hunshult. The mythical Trollberget is also included in the national park, which together with Sunnabron in Bjurkärr serves as entrances to the national park. The area contains broadleaf forests hosting several rare lichens, fungi and wood living insects. The islands in the lake are covered in forest and are uninhabited, and many of the beach environments are characterised by coarse, old trees. Together these areas represent a major reason why Åsnen has such a rich bird life including ospreys, hobbies, white-tailed eagles and black-throated divers, amongst others. The rich bird life is also benefited by the lake’s richness in fish, which amounts to about 20 different species. Gudgeon and chub are two of the rarer species that can be found in the lake.


Naturum Kronoberg works as a portal to the national park. We will provide you with information and tips so that you can make the most out of your visit to the national park! In the national park you can go on guided tours with a guide from naturum, explore the walking paths, experience beautiful natural environments and look out over Åsnen’s enchanting archipelago.

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